Frank Massar

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A Ninth Dan Grand Master in Taekwondo. I have been practicing most all my life and wish to pass on "the Gift" of Taekwondo, to those who want to walk a different path in life. Taekwondo is more about a lifestyle choice than simply a system of fighting. I firmly believe Taekwondo can change your life in a positive way and I wrote a book about it called "Passing on the Gift".

To be the best, consistently winning major competitions and titles demonstrates their gifts and talents. Wise men say that these chosen few have been blessed or touched by God. There may be an element of truth in this, but you must also have the discipline to commit, dedicate yourself to your daily, and gruelling training. You must also cultivate a strong spirit to sustain you and a desire to succeed that will spur you to victory and eventually help shape your dream of becoming the best.

These principles apply to everybody, from all walks of life. I sincerely hope they inspire you to seize the opportunities that will make your life a success, to excel in your chosen field and hopefully, pass on the gift.