Emil Martirossian

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Sifu Emil has over 25 years of martial arts training/experience and has trained in many styles of martial arts; Emil is an expert in Jeet Kune Do martial arts and has trained with Bruce Lee’s original students Guru Dan Inosanto, Sebak Taky Kimura and Taky’s son, Sifu Andy Kimura.

Sifu Emil’s Urban Combat JKD has been developed over the years of his continuous training. The system combines JKD with various other styles of martial arts plus close quarter unarmed combat techniques resulting in a street self defence system that can be used and adapted in real-life situations.

If you would like to learn how to gain real fighting confidence and to feel in control on the streets, it is essential to learn the Urban Combat JKD techniques as well as mastering the spiritual aspects of this martial art. Thereby, enabling yourself to achieve a true balance both physically and mentally by training your mind as well as your body.