Joe Tierney

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Joe Tierney has been one of the most constant competitors on the British Karate circuit for many years, but the pathway to his success has been tough and demanding. It is the determination, ambition and skill of this Bolton lad that have seen him become an acclaimed champion.

Joe originally began his career in Shotokan, in 1976 with instructor, Lawrence Duffy. Duffy instructed the young Tierney in the basics of Shotokan. As well as being involved in S.P.O.R.T.K.O., Joe manages to fit in the running of his many clubs. He admits teaching was not something he found very easy at first. His past says it all, successful fighter, triumphant teacher and now leader of his own Association - what more can Joe Tierney possibly hope to achieve in the future. Well, he assures us he still has plenty of ambition left.