Master Sken

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In March 2008, Master Sken was jointly awarded the title of 'Grandmaster' by the Kru Muay Thai Association and the International Thai Martial Arts Association. However, because he was not able to travel to the Nai Khanomdtom ceremony that year, he was officially presented with the 'golden mongkorn' in Ayutthya in March 2009. Also in March 2009, Grandmaster Sken was awarded – as a singular honour – the Gold Nai Khanomdton trophy for his promotion of Muay Thai abroad over the last 3 decades.
The MSA core principles of Muay Thai are compassion, peace, respect, discipline, chivalry, courage, responsibility and personal accountability to the communities we are members of.
By building MSA as a reference point for Muay Thai Education– A benefit of all', the founders and members of MSA are united in their belief and commitment to ensuring that 'the best is yet to be!'.
Grandmaster Sken would like to remind everyone reading this is:
true strength lies in gentleness
and mastery of the world begins with mastery of self.