Bob Sykes


9th Dan Black Belt
Having now been actively involved in the martial arts for a staggering 36 years, Karate & Kickboxing coach Bob Sykes is fast approaching the top of his game.
Bob first began his martial arts journey back in 1977 when he enrolled on a traditional karate course at a local Wado Ryu club. Then in 1982 he began to augment his traditional karate with the then new sport of kickboxing, during which time he shared the ring with many of the world’s leading exponents, such as Kash ‘The Flash’ Gill, Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace and five times world Thai boxing champion Ronnie ’Machine gun’ Green.
During this most proactive of times Bob was also a member of the UKs leading sports martial arts squad, Liverpool Freestyle where he trained extensively under the watchful eye of Freestyles originator Alfie ‘The animal’ Lewis.
While fighting and training amongst these main stage players, Bob accumulated the experience and training methods to pass onto his students, the result of which many have gone on to achieve great things.
In 1988, along with local business entrepreneurs Bob launched what has become the UKs leading martial arts magazine ‘Martial arts illustrated’ this gave Bob access to train with many of the world’s leading authorities in the martial arts and establish himself amongst the world’s elite practitioners.
For Bob Sykes, martial arts have been a hobby, a sport, a job, and a business however these are merely by-products of the larger picture, since for bob Sykes the martial arts , in a nutshell, are his life.
Styles studied:
Kung fu
Pencak silat
Pressure points
Tai chi